• 2 Blues and 1 Yellow
  • It's Not An Eclipse
  • Range of paintings in studio
  • Random scribbles
  • String and ink on a canvas
  • T.ransientt Art, Online (2020)
  • Subconscious awake, upside down (2020)

Norman Anderson

Norman Anderson has been through many stages in his life. In the most recent stages of life, he has embraced been both an Artist and Quaker. He originally discovered both during a spell in prison, after leaving Prison Norman undertook a master at Sheffield Hallam University.
In 2018 Norman has a severe stroke which damaged part of his brain. He lost his memories as well as his ability to speak. Over time thanks to assistance from a speech therapist Normans language started to come back to him. As his brain started to remake its connections, he found that English wasn’t the only vocal sound that came back to him. The new vocal sound maybe from a ‘thin place’. this is an idea from mystical Celtic tradition relating to places where the distance between heaven and earth collapses and we’re able to glimpse the divine, or transcendent. in his words ‘Art has been a catalyst for my recovery’. Today Normans practice is mainly focused on the medium of painting and working with this vocal sound to create artworks which he hopes will inspire others on there own path of recovery with art.


T.ransienttt Art, Online (2020); Talking Sense, Portico Library, Manchester (2020); ‘CAN I DRAW A DOG, I DON’T KNOW WHAT A DOG IS’, Mansions of the Future, Lincoln (2019); Dog Part 2, Foodhall, Sheffield (2019); FABS Show, Yorkshire Artspace, Sheffield (2018); A Thin Place, Bloc Projects, Sheffield (2017); Making Marks, The White Gallery, Sheffield (2015)

Publications: Life Beyond Crime, Edited by Paul Crane pg. 151- 152

Press: Doncopolatian pg. 17

Artist's website