Maria Marinou

Μy artistic practice consists of painting and drawing. I use traditional mediums such as oil paints,
charcoal, and pencil in order to create abstract and figurative paintings and drawings.
There are various factors that inspire me to create art, and, as different as they might seem, they are
indeed interconnected. The study of colour and painting composition, the study of the human form
and portraiture, and the research into traditional painting materials and techniques are in the core of
my artistic practice, which is translated into various aesthetic results. The great Renaissance masters,
the contemporary abstract art of Gerhard Richter and Mark Rothko, and the archaeology of the
Mediterranean Early Bronze Age, might seem to be quite diverse constituents, however, they are the
elements that inspire my work. The interdisciplinary connection of art and archaeology through the
study of different painting art forms is the pivotal point of my artistic and archaeological research and


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