• The Heartless Hurt Less Pencil Crayon drawing on paper, 21cm x 30cm
  • Hypothalamus Study Embroidery in response to drawings made with The University of Sheffield Biomedical department of embryonic Hypothalamus development. White Cotton, Embroidery Thread, Embroidery Hoop, Wooden Stand
  • Request Blanket // Fear Blanket 247 squares per panel, 16 panels per blanket, 3952 squares per blanket, 4mm wool​
  • Coral Tree Ink, drawing on paper, 21cm x 30cm
  • “Response to John Piper”, Installation shot from ‘Interim’ show, Oxford 2017
  • “The Heartless Hurt Less” Solo exhibition in Sheffield, 2019
  • Ink Drawing on Paper, shown as part of the “Heartless” series, 2019
  • “Softer Landings”, Textiles installation at the Ruskin School of Art, 2017

Jessica Heywood

Jessica Heywood’s is a Sheffield based artist working predominately in drawing and textiles. Her practice often explores the ideas of abjection, women’s work and labour in a domestic context.

In her most recent series “The Heartless Hurt Less”, Heywood’s focuses on abjection. Looking at the boundary between life and death, observing the beauty and fragility of our everyday natural environments. Heywood captures their bodies in considered and meticulous detail, honouring the found deceased creatures by providing them with an identity which otherwise would be ignored or forgotten.

Labour intensive methods of creating provides Heywood with on-going influence of what defines and separates Fine Art from Craft. As women’s art is rooted in a long history of traditional craft practices but was denied the title of ‘Art’, Heywood continues to further explore how gender is intrinsically linked to craft. Heywood aims to elevate the mediums of ‘domestic art’ of crotchet, needlework, embroidery and weaving to ‘fine art’.


Portraits of S1, S1, Sheffield, 2020

Being Human Festival, Bart’s Pathology Museum, London, 2019

Symbols, Cupola Gallery, Sheffield, 2019

Fronteer, 33 Chapel Walk, Sheffield, 2019

The Heartless Hurt Less (Solo), The Arthouse, Sheffield, 2019

Cast Doorways, 33 Chapel Walk, Sheffield, 2018
Ruskin Degree Show, Bullingdon Road Studios, Oxford, 2018
Anatomy Exhibition, St John’s College, Oxford, 2018

See, Sea, Seize, St John’s Barn, Oxford, 2017
​Tenderfoot #5, APG, Sheffield 2017
Conny, YMCA, County Durham, 2017
Ruskin Summer Show, High Street Ruskin Studios, Oxford, 2017
​St Edmund Hall Artsweek, St Edmund Hall, Oxford, 2017
St Catz Artsweek, St Catherine’s, Oxford, 2017
​Interim, St Edmund Hall, Oxford, 2017

Tenderfoot #4, APG, Sheffield, 2016

Babineaux, St John’s Barn, Oxford 2016

Ruskin Preliminaries, High Street Ruskin Studios, Oxford, 2016

Oxfordshire Art Week, St Edmund Hall, Oxford, 2016

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