• “I’m sorry I can’t find you”, S1 Artspace, 2019
  • “Sheffield the city as an egg”, Sheffield Hallam University, 2019
  • “Bathroom Reflection” Portraits from S1, S1 Artspace, 2020

Jack Weller

Jack Weller is an artist whose practice finds him trying to enjoy celebrating art with as many as possible, be it creating a wall mural at the beating heart of Sheffield Hallam’s university campus using student stories, or designing a car bonnet for Mercedes-Benz to grab the attention of passers-by. Primarily a painter, he regularly exercises onto new surfaces in his ‘Brit-Pop expressionist’ style, however, he has more recently found himself becoming more multidisciplinary, which mirrors his interest in our ever-changing vocabulary.
With the need to create more symbols every day to create a short hand for new advances in technology being every pressing, giving a voice to things that some may see as irrelevant, such as drawing an accidental screenshot, or creating a portable art studio for closed down schools.


EMERGE, The Holt, Sheffield, 2016; UNITY, Exchange Place, Sheffield 2016; 20×20, Access Space, Sheffield 2016; Surface and Reality, Bloc projects, Sheffield 2016; EPNS, APG works, Sheffield 2017; EMERGE 2, The Holt, Sheffield 2017; _INCORPORATION_, Trafalgar Warehouse, Sheffield 2017; REFRACTION, Sheffield Institute of Arts, Sheffield 2018; Mercedes Car Launch, Meadowhall Shopping Centre, Sheffield; SHU Degree Show, Sheffield Institute of Arts, Sheffield 2018; Drawing Shed 2, Rotherham and Sheffield, 2019; Sheffield the city as an egg mural, Sheffield Hallam University, Sheffield 2019; Making Ways Celebration Event, Sidney + Matilda Gallery, Sheffield 2019,
SYZYGY, Sheffield Institute of Art, Sheffield, 2019; Portraits from S1, S1 Artspace, Sheffield, 2020