Traces of a Cathode: Digital Walkthrough

Installation view - 'Traces of a Cathode', S1 Artspace (2023). Image credit: James Clarkson

Press release

S1 Artspace is pleased to present a newly commissioned 3D virtual tour of Traces of a Cathode. Traces of a Cathode was an international group exhibition of recent works by Paulo Arraiano, Diogo da Cruz, Olga Grotova, Gweni Llwyd, Daniel de Paula & David Rickard, curated by artist Joseph Cutts.

Developed from Cutts’ ongoing research, the exhibition aimed to provide an understanding of the cycle and formation of electronic waste (obsolete or discarded electronic devices) and the processes involved from the mining and extraction of minerals, through to the manufacturing and product distribution setup. Discarded remnants slowly sinking to leave something behind, undermining and deteriorating our beds and water passages.

Traces of a Cathode addressed the improper ‘methods’ of electronic recycling globally and highlighted the need for clearer and cleaner methods of recycling in our local communities and the roles individuals can play to decrease their carbon footprint.

Through the online exhibition tour (↓), you are invited to navigate your way through the gallery space. gliding past the artworks, channelling the flow of information like a subterranean data cable.


This form of exhibition documentation contains audio transcribed artwork descriptions, recorded by the artists and curator themselves, and is available to access worldwide on desktop, mobile, tablet and virtual reality headsets.

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