S1 Salon 2012

Jenn Berger, The Orange Bathing Suit, 2009
Lis Rhodes, Dresden Dynamo, 1974
Derek Jarman, Art of Mirrors, 1973
Alex Pearl, Menagerie, 2011
Hyewon Kwon, Untitled # 1 from the series Eight Men Lived in the Room, 2010
Laura Buckley, Chroma / Levante, 2011
Daniel Shanken, Blossom, 2011
Fernand Leger, The Girl with the Prefabricated Heart, 1947
Jenny Baines, Untitled (Kokkola), 2011
Oliver Bancroft, Psara's Donkey, 2011
Jim Trainor, The Bats, 1999
George Kuchar, Weather Diary #3, 1988
Jessica Sarah Rinland, Nulepsy Attack, 2010
29 Mar –
12 Apr

Press release

S1 Artspace is pleased to announce the sixth S1 SALON: a new season of artists’ film and video screenings, selected from an international open call by a guest panel.

This spring S1 Artspace presents S1 SALON 2012, three new screenings of work by national and international artists selected by LINDER STERLING [artist]; LISA LE FEUVRE [Head of Sculpture Studies at The Henry Moore Institute, Leeds]; and BEN RIVERS [artist].

The S1 SALON 2012 received submissions from across the world. The selected work includes film and video from 14 artists hailing from Spain, Portugal, Italy, Ireland, The Netherlands, Korea, Hawaii, Peru, USA and the UK. Many of the selected works will be screened for the first time in the UK.

The screenings are divided into two parts; part one presents work selected from the open call and part two, an additional selection of works from each of this year’s guest selectors. Each of the selectors will introduce their personal programmes at the following screenings; LINDER STERLING: 29th March, LISA LE FEUVRE: 5th April and BEN RIVERS: 12th April. All screenings will commence at 6.30pm and conclude at approx. 8.30pm.

Menagerie presented by Linder
29 March | 6.30pm

Part One includes work selected from the open call:
Alex Pearl | Menagerie | 2011
Hyewon Kwon | Untitled # 1 from the series Eight Men Lived in the Room | 2010
Daniel Jacoby | Cuculi | 2011
Laura Buckley | Chroma / Levante | 2011
Daniel Shanken | Blossom | 2011
Sara Bjarland | Take-off | 2010

Part Two presents work selected by Linder:
Anne Severson | Near the Big Chakra | 1971
Fernand Leger | The Girl with the Prefabricated Heart | 1947

Tipping Point selected by Lisa Le Feuvre
5 April | 6.30pm

Part One includes work selected from the open call:
Jessica Sarah Rinland | Nulepsy Attack | 2010
Bruno Ramos | Factory | 2011
Robert Foster | Bucket Dance | 2011
Jenny Baines | Tipping Point | 2009
Daniel Shanken | Rotation | 2011
Jenn Berger | The Orange Bathing Suit | 2009

Part Two presents work selected by Lisa Le Feuvre:
Lis Rhodes | Dresden Dynamo | 1974
Gordon Matta-Clark | Open House | 1972
Derek Jarman | Art of Mirrors | 1973

Ode to the Flaneur presented by Ben Rivers
12 April | 6.30pm

Part One includes work selected from the open call:
Jenny Baines | Untitled (Kokkola) | 2011
Oliver Bancroft | Psara’s Donkey | 2011
Lindsay Foster | Downward Ascension (Ode to the Flâneur) | 2010
Alex Pearl | Thaumatrope | 2011
Jessica Sarah Rinland | Nulepsy | 2010
Francesca Banchelli | Antitesi Popolare | 2008

Part Two presents work selected by Ben Rivers:
Jim Trainor | The Bats | 1999
George Kuchar | Weather Diary #3 | 1988

S1 SALON was established in 2003 to further S1 Artspace’s commitment to new artists and contemporary film and video. As well as providing a platform for artists to present and showcase their work alongside their peers, S1 SALON seeks to establish an international dialogue between artists at all levels. Screening new work alongside archive film, S1 SALON integrates new artists work within the broader history of film and video.

Previous salons have presented work by artists including Beatice Gibson & Alex Waterman, Ming Wong, Neil Beloufa, Duncan Marquiss, James Richards, Klara Liden and Stephen Sutcliffe. The S1 SALON programme has toured venues within the UK and internationally including ICA London, FACT Liverpool, CCA Glasgow, SPIKE ISLAND Bristol, VIVID Birmingham and SMART PROJECT SPACE Amsterdam.