S1 Members Show 2006

24 Nov –
10 Dec

Press release

S1 Artspace announces its second annual members’ exhibition presenting the work of over twenty Sheffield based artists working at the S1 Artspace studios. 
The exhibition is an opportunity to view new work by each studio artist including painting, photography, video, sculpture and installation. Based in the heart of the city, S1 Artspace has for over 10 years fore-fronted contemporary art production within Sheffield. The open plan studios promote social interaction encouraging an exchange of ideas and practices. 
The studio holders have worked collaboratively to curate this years members’ show which presents work made during the past year. Artists Rebecca Marshall & Lynne Monks have transformed a previously unused and neglected part of the building to install their new animation Woodpaths in which themes of labour, work and persistence resonate. InGraeme Stonehouse’s new film, past and present S1 studio artists help recall a former elusive studio holder. With the aim of encouraging group cooperation and forging new relationships between individuals, Jerome Harrington has designed a communal weight lifting device andConroy/Sanderson’s new work continues their interest in portraiture and visibility.