Everything is so much bigger than us

25 Jan –
04 Feb

Press release

S1 Artspace is pleased to present new work by Kate Allen and Lynne Monks & Rebecca Marshall. Collaboratively they use the physical environment as a point from which to begin a purposeful getting lost. By turning their attention to the land they affirm what is beyond the personal and social and acknowledge other places, which are not here quite yet, nor yet, quite visible.

Kate Allen presents large-scale drawings inspired by the Aokigahara forest in Japan. These dense woods have inspired myth and suspicion; the woods are considered the most haunted site in Japan, iron deposits in the soil are said to render compasses useless trapping the unsuspecting on its disorientating floor – but they are perhaps most notorious as a popular site for suicides. Aokigahara was described as “the perfect place to die” in Wataru Tsurumui’s bestselling book The Complete Manual of Suicide. The drawings depict life-size tree trunks, the tops of which disappear off the paper. Stretching from floor to ceiling, Allen’s drawings sparsely lit, almost disappear into the darkness.

Lynne Monks & Rebecca Marshall present a compendium of work inspired by an on-going tale involving happenings that take place on an island. A ‘map’ of the island hangs opposite Allen’s trees and unfolds out over the floor which accompanies a scale model of the island lit with miniature lights.

The setting is imaginative and fanciful yet not devoid of reality. This fairytale like stage set questions what could have been or perhaps more poignantly what could be. The exhibition will only be open from 4 – 7pm so that no natural light will enter the space further contributing to the fantastical nature of the stage set.

Kate Allen graduated from the BA in Fine Art at Sheffield Hallam University in 2003. Forthcoming projects include The Disaster Area at Bloc Space later this year. Kate lives and works in Sheffield.

Lynne Monks & Rebecca Marshall both graduated from the B.A Fine Art course at Sheffield Hallam University in 2004. They have since worked collaboratively using animation, drawing and models. Recent projects include Woodpaths an animation and installation exhibited at S1 Artspace in the 2006 Members Show. They live and work in Southport and Sheffield respectively.