‘Starting at the Endz’ with Otis Mensah

Thu 11 Jul, 7pm / S1 Artspace Book tickets

RESOLVE will explore the softer side of the boundaries that define our neighbourhoods, using mapping to look at exactly where in the heart (and head) home is. The week will culminate in an event that celebrates Sheffield as home, with an evening of music, spoken word and talks from across the city, including poet Otis Mensah among others.

FREE, booking essential.

Mobility Justice Tours with George Kafka & Sheeba Shetty

Thu 18 - Sat 20 Jul / locations TBC Book tickets

RESOLVE will be teaming up with writer, editor, and researcher George Kafka and urban designer Sheeba Shetty to lead a number of tours and workshops in Sheffield, looking at how we traverse the city and what our access to different places and modes of transport tells us about our city.

FREE, booking essential. Please check back for details and locations closer to the time.

[Public] Bodies & Organ[isation]s Panel Discussion with Public Practice

Fri 9 Aug, 6pm / S1 Artspace Book tickets

London-based social enterprise Public Practice will host a public discussion around local governance and how our participation can make positive change. The event will also showcase some of their innovative public-sector work and research.

FREE, booking essential.

Image: Hannah Lambert leading Hackney Wick site visit with Public Practice cohort. Photo by Timothy Chase.

Performing the City with Utopia Theatre

Sat 10 Aug, 6pm / S1 Artspace Book tickets

Join us for a night that questions our everyday performances in the city. How do these performances contribute to the look and feel of cities and how do they make us look and feel? The night’s live performances will be supported by Sheffield-based Utopia Theatre.

FREE, booking essential.

Image: London Tales at Utopia Theatre. Directed by Moji Kareem.

Deep Listening & Conversational Workshops with EYESORE Magazine

Thu 15 Aug, 12-5pm / S1 Artspace Book tickets

Throughout the day EYESORE, a print magazine that documents cities and investigates places, will listen to and reveal the myriad ways that Sheffield has been experienced and thought about throughout history and into the present day. The workshops will culminate in a ‘listening party’, where histories and contemporary narratives emerge into public space.

FREE, booking essential.

‘Listening Party’ with EYESORE Magazine

Fri 16 Aug, 7pm / S1 Artspace Book tickets

How have themes such as gender, race, mental health and ableism shaped familiar stories of Sheffield? Join us for a listening party where we’ll have the chance to hear the conversations recorded with EYESORE magazine through their work with RESOLVE in Sheffield.

FREE, booking essential.

Image: Dilate festival (2019) with EYESORE and GIANT STEPS. Photo by Ganesha Lockhart.

Closing Party with Special Guests

Thu 22 Aug, 6pm / S1 Artspace Book tickets

Bringing together various aspects of RESOLVE’s two-month gallery residency at S1 Artspace, the closing party will showcase some of the stories, projects and relationships RESOLVE have found and made during their time in Sheffield.

FREE, booking essential.