Workshop: Resistance Training with Phoebe Davies and Alex Bowmer

Sat 2 Feb, 2pm / Ponds Forge International Sports Centre Book tickets

Building upon their research with athletes in contact-based sports, artist Phoebe Davies and athletic performance coach Alex Bowmer will lead a physical training session exploring resistance and competitiveness through collaborative movement, team/pack mentalities and collective strength. The session will be active and will explore exaggerated contact, specifically tackles and defensive plays between participants. Phoebe and Alex will draw upon basketball, rugby, wrestling and American football drills to create a series of short sketch performances which will be photographed during the workshop.

No previous athletic experience is needed to attend. All genders are welcome to attend the workshop; we encourage women, non-binary or trans identifying people to take part.

This research builds upon Phoebe’s work with choreographer Nandi Bhebhe using live performance and performance to camera to negotiate multiple histories and intergenerational perspectives, disrupting power structures and exploring relationships of solidarity. Resistance Training was initially developed as part of Somerset House Studios’ Hyper Functional, Ultra Healthy programme.

This event has been generously supported by Ponds Forge International Sports Centre.


Performance: Confident Public Speaking by Lucy Vann

Sat 9 Feb, 6pm / S1 Artspace

Artist Lucy Vann will guide you through a visualisation aimed to develop confident speaking. Vann is interested in the benefits and pitfalls of interventions and activities intended to self-develop, and what happens when the body is tense and unwilling to perform.