Park Hill Plinths

ParkHillSculpturePour_HR-42 Keith Wilson 'Park Hill Plinths' 2016, site under construction, March 2016. Photograph India Hobson
30 Sep –
01 Oct

Press release

Keith Wilson

Over the past two years the phase 1 interior landscape of Park Hill has undergone a major transformation to become a residents car-park, garden and permanent sculpture park, a collaboration between Urban Splash, Tim Osborn (landscape architect) and artist Keith Wilson.

Sculpture Park Hill’s inaugural and only permanent work is Park Hill Plinths by British artist Keith Wilson, a series of five disc-shaped concrete plinths positioned across the 3.5 acre site. Park Hill Plinths was commissioned by Urban Splash in 2016 to form the foundations for a future sculpture park.

Sculpture Park Hill will become home to an ambitious modern and contemporary programme of exhibitions and interventions in the landscape providing an opportunity to experience and explore the evolution of 20th century sculpture up to the present day. S1 Artspace will begin programming the site from late 2018.

An event to mark the completion of Park Hill Plinths and an opportunity to preview Phase 2 of S1 Artspace’s plans at Park Hill, will take place on Saturday 30th September, 3 – 6pm with a one-day exhibition in S1′s new temporary premises – the former Park Hill garage block.

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