Vicky Hayward

Vicky Hayward’s work draws on an interest in the constantly alternating state of the human condition through seemingly repetitive labour tasks. Combining abject, seductive and heavily tactile material qualities, Hayward’s work moves between sculpture, painting, film and audio. From the monotony of everyday life to transcendent sensual human experience, subject matter repeatedly changes and further reflects an interest in systematic processes as a means of both initiating a response and developing an understanding of a range of growing contemporary concerns. Current projects include ‘CUTS’, a multi-sensory archive of a group of women’s lives over an initial period of three years.


Vicky Hayward (b. 1991) completed her BA (Hons) Fine Art at Sheffield Hallam University in 2013. Selected recent exhibitions/projects include: Blowing A Gail, curated by Womanstanley, Old Town House, Warrington (2017); Treat Yo Self, curated by It’s All Tropical, Bloc Projects, Sheffield (2015); £1 Fish, curated by It’s All Tropical, S1 Artspace, Sheffield, (2014); The Confluence Project, CADS, Sheffield, (2013); PRISM 13, Hutton’s Building, Sheffield, (2012). Recipient of the SIA Gallery Award (2013).

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