Ashley Pearce

Ashley Pearce is a multi-disciplinary Sheffield based artist, interested in contemporary conversations around functionality. Pearce intricately plays on the fragility of restorative processes, mapping personal experiences throughout his practice, which often manifest across sculpture and installation based works. 

Sculptural elements of Pearce’s work are intensive, bodily and fragile. The process of making these works is repetitive and laboured, combining found objects and embroidery as a means to create and identify a visual language centred around materiality. Pearce often works in a diagrammatic manner using the interplay of the object’s elements, with the aim of repurposing to create a new playful narrative. Such physical interventions, act as a means to disrupt the decorative and ornate language such objects once possessed, whilst altering the use and intended purpose.

Working with the everyday, Pearce attempts to highlight the human condition, turning contentious subjects in to palpable works, tactile and seductive in their nature. Pearce aims to raise more questions than answers through his experimental fine art approach.


Ashley Pearce, (born 1991, Sheffield, UK)

Recent fine art graduate from Sheffield Hallam University, recipient of the Janet Parry bursary 2017 and recipient of the (FABS) Fine art bridge scheme bursary 2017-18. Exhibited in shows across Sheffield. Recent shows include “Platform 18” at the Millennium gallery, Sheffield (group show). “Rhesus Negative” at Cupola Contemporary art gallery, Hillsborough, Sheffield (group show).  “BRINK” at the Sheffield Institute of arts as part of the Fine art bridge scheme final show (group show) 2018.