• Ryan Mosley, Dance of the Nobleman, 475 x 553
  • Roanna Wells, Tracing Process, Yorkshire Artspace, 2017
  • Natalie Finnemore, Launch of Portobello Plays at National Play Day at The Hepworth Portobello, 2017 plywood, screws, paint, varnish
  • Ashley Pearce,
  • Ashley Holmes, 'Good To Us' (2018) Performance Reading. Photo by Max Colson. Courtesy of the artist and Jerwood Visual Arts
  • Lucy Vann, Sorry I'm Giving You a Sensual Hand Massage - 2015

.Former S1 Studio Holders

We were established in 1995 by artists living and working in Sheffield. We’ve grown from a modest, voluntary-run studio complex above a thrash metal nightclub in 1995, to an organisation now based at the largest listed structure in Europe, exhibiting work at an international standard.

We provide studio space for artists at varying stages in their career, from recent graduates to established artists working internationally.

Former artists which have resided in the S1 STUDIOs ↓

Keith Wilson

Ryan Mosely
Bron Wilkinson
Ashley Holmes
Roanna Wells
Lea Torp Neilsen
Alison J Carr
Emily Musgrave
Lucy Vann
Ashley Pearce
Natalie Finnemore