Sculpture Park Hill

Park Hill Estate overlooking Sheffield City Centre with view of Sculpture Park Hill area
Park Hill Estate showing location of S1 Artspace's premises and Sculpture Park Hill area
Sculpture Park Hill
Ariel view of Sculpture Park Hill area within the Park Hill Estate
One of the five 'Park Hill Plinths' located at Sculpture Park Hill
Interior landscape at Park Hill and location of Sculpture Park Hill
Early visualisation of Sculpture Park Hill incorporating Keith Wilson's Park Hill Plinths
One of the five 'Park Hill Plinths' located at Sculpture Park Hill

Press release


Stretching over 32 acres, parts of Park Hill’s distinctive interior landscape will become home to Sculpture Park Hill, an ambitious programme of modern and contemporary exhibitions giving visitors and local residents an opportunity to experience and explore the evolution of 20th century sculpture up to the present day.

The sites six acre transformation began with the first permanent sculptural intervention by British artist Keith Wilson – Park Hill Plinths – a series of five concrete discs strategically positioned across the site. The design of each plinth directly references a core aspect of Park Hill’s characteristic topography: the 3.18m diameter is equal to the building’s modular grid, the concrete was made using the same mix, and the various heights reference the estate’s incremental plateaus.

Park Hill Plinths can be seen as both the physical support structure for future works, and when viewed from above, as a ‘footprint’ marking the landscape’s intended future purpose.

Sculpture Park Hill is a free, permanently accessible site for public sculpture located within the Park Hill housing estate, just five minutes walk from Sheffield City Centre.

S1 Artspace’s inaugural exhibition at Sculpture Park Hill will commence in 2023 following the S1 | Chatsworth Residency 2022.