Bron Wilkinson

Bron Wilkinson is interested in the language that surrounds the visual cultures of the internet. Wilkinson’s work addresses the visual overlaps and highlights the gratification, humour and horror of the disruptive nature in memes, viral videos and literary fantasy about the future. 

Through a multi-disciplinary practice she works with installation, objects and digital experimental film, utilizing and combining original filmed footage and found internet material. Wilkinson’s presentation of film distorts the temporality and perception of how moving image can be viewed. Material arrangements consisting of found and constructed objects are often crudely presented, referring to our physical relationship with the digital space.


Bronwyn Wilkinson (b. 1995 Rotherham) graduated from Sheffield Hallam University in 2017. Recent shows and residencies include, BRINK, Old Post Hall, Sheffield (2018), Here For A Good Time Not A Long Time, DB8 Studios, Sheffield (2018), ‘What Is The Sound Of Ice Melting?’ The Grace Supermarket, Sheffield (2018), Mis (information) Platform 18, Millenium Gallery, Sheffield (2018), Blame It On The Oogie, DB8 Studios, Sheffield (2017) and Wamp Wamp, DB8 Studios, Sheffield (2017).