RESOLVE Collective: The Garage

RESOLVE Collective, ‘Brixton Passageway’, Brixton railway arches, London (2017)
RESOLVE Collective
RESOLVE Collective, ‘Rebel Space’ for the London Design Festival in Brixton, London (2016)
RESOLVE Collective, ‘Brixton Bridge’ public commission with Farouk Agoro, London (2017)
RESOLVE Collective, 'Site & Sound' workshop with Access Project, London (2016)
RESOLVE Collective, ‘Off Grid’ at Haus Der Kulturen Der Welt, Berlin (2018)
05 Jul –
24 Aug

Press release

This summer, London-based interdisciplinary design collective RESOLVE will transform the gallery at S1 Artspace into a ‘living archive’ that reveals and records our emotional responses to the city through ‘The Garage’, a major new commission and series of public events that considers the ways in which our built environment affects us, and how we, in turn, affect it.

Collaborating with students from Longley Park Sixth Form College, The Sheffield College and residents from the local neighbourhood supported by Manor & Castle Development Trust, RESOLVE will design and build a modular structure from which a series of public events will be hosted. ‘The Garage’ takes its title from the original function of the building where S1 Artspace is currently based – the former garage block at the centre of the Park Hill estate – in recognition of building’s communal, transient and semi-public former use.

Thinking through the ways in which our cities are recorded, remembered and understood, the project will create an intuitive map of Sheffield through the lived experiences of its citizens to explore the ways in which the city enables or inhibits us, and what the potential might be to transform it. Beyond the city’s physical, political, financial and environmental infrastructures, is an alternative shared landscape of emotions, memories and perceptions – the living archive of the city.

The installation will use principles of upcycling and accumulation in the construction of this living archive, to explore the ways in which different materials and techniques can articulate how our built environments make us feel. RESOLVE will draw on the work of Atta Kwami, Theaster Gates and Ola Dele-Kuku, combining eclectic design precedents with the reuse and reappropriation of materials to reflect an approach to their work which RESOLVE refer to as ‘heurism’ – problem-solving based on the most practical, immediate methods – as well as speaking to their own cultural identities as African diaspora.

A series of public events will draw out the ways in which we inhabit our neighbourhoods, buildings and cities, and encourage us to rethink and reimagine these places in response to the increasing lack of social infrastructure and free civic space. With more public spaces demanding a transaction to participate, ‘The Garage’ proposes a model for other ways of being ‘in public’ that enable us to collectively own and contribute to the vibrant cultural life of our cities.

RESOLVE is an interdisciplinary design collective that combines architecture, engineering, technology and art to address social challenges. It was set up by Gameli Ladzekpo, Akil Scafe-Smith and Seth Scafe-Smith in London to explore how design can be a mechanism for socio-economic change through both physical and systemic intervention. RESOLVE look at innovative ways of working with communities as stakeholders in both short and long-term projects.

Recent projects include ‘Off Grid’ at Haus Der Kulturen Der Welt, Berlin (2018); ‘Brixton Bridge’ public commission with Farouk Agoro (2017); ‘If These Walls Could Talk’ at Stockwell Festival, London (2017); ‘Brixton Passageway’ in Brixton, London (2017); ‘Rebel Space’ for the London Design Festival in Brixton (2016).